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Healing Products

Healing Products of different kinds are also offered by us. These products can are equipped to relieve mental stress and promote a sense of harmony and balance in the mind. Healing products of these kinds are at times considered to be more helpful than medicines and other kinds of therapies.

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Healing Pendulums

Healing Pendulums are basically pendulums that are used to restore mental health and well being of an individual. The Healing Pendulums can be made from a variety of crystals and stones. Wooden pendulums are also considered to be extremely beneficial. The different kinds of Healing Pendulums manufactured by us are,


Healing Wands

We deal in Healing Wands that have been used since ancient times for directing and focusing energy. These wands can cure the entire body or a specific area. The Healing Wands are also used to cleanse the body by removing blockages. These wands can also be used in massage healing. The Healing Wands manufactured by us are