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We provide Malas of different kinds for all kinds of spiritual and religious purposes. Our experienced team of workers uses the latest technology to manufacture the best kinds of Malas. Stringent quality controls ensure that only superior quality products reach to our elite customers. The different types of Malas manufactured by us include Rudraksha Mala, Jap Mala, Custom Mala, Agate Mala and Gemstone Mala among others.

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Custom Mala

Custom made Malas as per the specific requirements of the customers are manufactured by us. The Custom Mala is made from the beads, which are chosen by the customers themselves. The designing of the Custom Mala is also done on the basis of the specifications given by the customers. We manufacture various types of Custom


Gemstone Malas

Gemstone Malas have always been an important accessory worn by females. Though considered costly by some people, the Gemstone Malas are extremely attractive and are apt for all kinds of occasions. The use of precious gemstones in the making of the Gemstone Malas makes them all the more valuable. We use the latest in


Meditation Mala

Superior quality Meditation Mala is manufactured by us for Yoga and other meditational purposes. Meditating with these Malas is believed to enhance concentration powers and to improve the sense of balance and harmony of the mind and body. The Meditation Mala is believed to have certain special powers that help to soothe


Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala is the most commonly used rosary for both religious and meditational purposes. Our Rudraksha Mala is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. It can be used for special religious ceremonies as well as for daily domestic rituals. We can provide Rudraksha Malas in bulk quantities and that too