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Reiki Items

Reiki Items

Reiki, a spiritual practice was developed by Japanese Buddhists. Two kinds of Reiki Items are there, namely Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki. This form of healing uses various kinds of palm movements for getting the desired results. Reiki is used for relieving stress and fear in an individual. Fluctuating blood pressures can also be bought in control with Reiki. We manufacture superior quality Reiki products that have proved to be beneficial in a number of physical and psychological disorders. Some of our most popular Reiki products are Reiki Rainbow Set, Reiki Engraved Pyramid and Reiki Massage Wand. The superior quality of our Reiki Products have made us one of the leading manufacturers of Reiki Items.

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  • Rainbow Reiki Set

  • Reiki Angels

  • Reiki Engraved Pyramid

  • Reiki Gemstone Set

  • Reiki Massage Wand

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